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Colorbond Roof Restorations

Colorbond Roof Restorations with Brennan Roofing. Painting a Colorbond roof can be a cost-effective solution to bring it back to life after it has become old and weathered. While it is not always appropriate, we are masters at producing high-quality results for our clients.

Why Would You Want A Colorbond Roof Restoration?

Over time, Colorbond metal roofs may fade and rust, necessitating the need for a Colorbond roof restoration.

Cement tile and Colorbond roof restorations are Brennan Roofing’s specialties. Our crew has extensive experience with metal Colorbond roofs and is educated on the best products to use in order to achieve the best roof restoration outcomes for your roof.

Colorbond roof restorations are Brennan Roofing’s specialty in Melbourne, Drouin, Rowville, Mornington, and the surrounding areas. The major reason for restoring a metal roof is to protect, improve the appearance of, and increase the value of your home. To eliminate filth and grime, the roof is completely pressure washed. After that, anti-rust is applied to the damaged regions before being sprayed with a three-coat metal application technique. The results are outstanding; in fact, your metal roof now resembles a new Colorbond roof. All of our work is backed by a guarantee.

A colorbond roof provides excellent durability and longevity for your home, as it is resistant to damaging uv rays and solar radiation. As we all know, Melbourne’s weather is unpredictable, so you, as the home owner, must ensure that your colorbond roof can endure hailstorms and excessive heat.

Can You Paint A Colorbond Roof?

Yes you can! Your roof will look brand new once painted with Nutech’s product line, which is specifically intended for metal Colorbond roofs.

What Exactly Happens With A Colorbond Roof Restoration?

  • Establish guard rail / anchor points for safety harness use
  • Step 2 Change all screws –  This is done because you can’t paint over rust and once the roof is pressure cleaned all the seals get blown off the screws.
  • Step 3 High pressure clean all roof area
  • Step 4 All gutters are cleaned out
  • Step 5 Re-seal around any flues, pipes, chimneys, skylights etc
  • Step 6 Cover any solar panels/skylights or anything that need protecting from paint
  • Step 7 Painting process (3 coats)
  • For an older roof 30 years or more, or a damaged roof, rusted, weathered or a rough surface – A deep grey primer coat is required to penetrate deep into the roof surface to help give the later 2 coats a glossy and consistent finish. In a newer roof – new – 10 years old, we use a nano primer coat, which gives newer a newer roof a sticky surface for our paint to stick to. Using quality primers make a huge difference in the quality of the roof outcome.
  •  Acrylic first coat of colour.
  •  Top coat high gloss coating


How Much Does A Colorbond Roof Restoration Cost?

The cost of your roof restoration will be determined by a few factors:

Your roof’s dimensions
Is your paint peeling and you need a turbo head to remove it?
Is a guard rail required on your roof?
A single-story roof of typical size with no flaking paint will cost between $4000 and $5,500.

In general, Colorbond roof restorations cost between $4000 and $10,000

Choosing The Right Paint For Your Colorbond Roof

For your metal Colorbond roof restoration, you have a wide choice of colors to pick from. In our Colorbond color guide, you can see a larger version of the color chart.

THE COLORBOND® Steel range of designer colours provides a classic and contemporary palette to add beauty to any home style. What better place to turn for inspiration than right here in Australia? COLORBOND® steel captures the light and vitality that makes Australia’s colours so unique, from the mountains to the outback, from stream beds to beaches. There are 22 colour options to choose from to create the perfect look and feel for your house.

Your home and family are protected by your roof, which is one of your most valuable investments. You can rest assured that COLORBOND® steel is adaptable, lightweight, resilient, and capable of fulfilling your evolving lifestyle needs.
COLORBOND® steel can match the demands of your home, whether you live near the ocean or are looking for a colour that is energy efficient. To find out which COLORBOND® steel options are best for your home, go to

The quality of roofing material you choose will determine the endurance and durability of your roofing system, allowing you to reap the benefits for a longer period of time. You’ll also want to choose a roof that allows for simple and safe online shopping, and you’ll appreciate having a roof that lasts for a long time. The lowest corrugated iron costs will help you save a significant amount of money on roofing materials. Colorbond comes in a wide range of colours, but you must choose one that complements the overall appearance of your home.

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Do I Need A Roof Restoration?

The first thing we need to know when we come to see you is if your roof is suited for a Colorbond Roof Restoration. Is there any rust or corrosion visible on the roofing sheets? What is the state of the roof flashing? Is it necessary to repair the rubbers that surround the roof screws? These are just a few of the concerns we must address prior to beginning Metal Roof Painting.

The next stage is to choose color schemes if your roof has been determined to be acceptable for a Colorbond Roof Restoration. Do you wish to replace your gutters and gable ends with new Colorbond? Or would you prefer them to be painted the same color as the roof?

Roof painting, like painting any other surface, is all about preparation. Moss, lichen, dirt, and other pollutants must be removed from the roof. To avoid overspray, all surfaces not to be painted should be completely masked and taped. Before any paint can be applied, strict environmental conditions must be present; failing to follow these requirements will limit the product’s longevity.