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Restore your tiled roof to it’s former glory with a roof restoration. Leaks, noise, debris and that awful appearance will be a thing of the past once Brennan Roofing are done with your roof. We are well experienced roofing contractor and prides ourselves in providing repairs on your roof professionally. 

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Reasons You Would Choose Brennan As Your Roofing Contractor


HIA is the peak national industry association for construction and development industry in Australia.


Only qualified Roofers perform our work


Our expert team makes our quality level elite


We perform all works in house


Fully insured including high level public liability


Premium products such as Colorbond, Ace Gutters, Primers


Fully compliant with OHS Act & Regs for the state of Victoria


You won't be dealing with a salesman

Family Owned Roofing Company With 20 + Years Experience in Roof Restoration

Is it best to have your entire roof restored or replaced? There’s no need to replace your roof structure when a Roof Restoration can restore it! We restore roofs in terracotta, colorbond and tile.

We offer quality roof service only done by well experienced roofing expert team. No deteriorated roof, roof leaks, damaged gutters and downpipes  that will not be attended to by our professional roofers. We are giving you the assurance to extend the life of your roof.

Brennan Roofing, Melbourne’s top roof restoration company, offers excellent service and a high level of client satisfaction. It’s critical to keep your roof in good shape because it’s the primary means that protects your home against extreme weather.

Have your roof renovated with products and techniques that comply with current Victorian safety and compliance laws that roofs require before it’s too late. We all know that appropriate roofing is an important aspect of any property, but few people realize that the roof is only 1/3 of what is visible from the street.

It is indeed a fact that roofing problems such as leaking roof, worn roof, broken tile or damaged gutters and downpipes, to name a few require great attention. Oftentimes, if left unattended, it may be the root cause of bigger roofing problems. 

A roof restoration can not only improve the aesthetic of your home, but it will also resolve annoying roof leaks and ongoing repairs while making your old tiled roof look like new! With Melbourne’s real estate market as hot as ever, a roof restoration instantly improves the appearance of your property and increases its street appeal. You’ll be surprised at how much a roof looks may increase the value of your property.

Our quality products are designed with a different type of roof compatibility and extreme weather conditions in mind. Be aware of unlicensed contractors and cowboys putting substandard goods on your roof. We utilize a specific roof membrane paint that won’t peel, fracture, or fade.

Many people consider roof restoration a highly expensive activity and put it off until it’s too late; nevertheless, if it’s not done correctly, it can lead to additional problems inside your home and more expenses. We often put our money into other things, forgetting that the quality of our roof finish affects our family’s safety.

Having high-quality roofing at home is critical since it protects what matters most, your family and your home, as well as saving you money on repeated roof repairs in the long run.  Repairs and restoration for your roof should be worry-free.  Roof maintenance, like other house priorities, should also come first.  A worn roof has always been something that will never be taken for granted. So, don’t wait for signs of deterioration or roof leaks. 


Excellent Roof Restoration Melbourne

High-Pressure Cleaning

To fully restore your roof, we only utilize the best equipment to pressure clean; our pressure guns apply the ideal amount of pressure for tiled roofs. For the proper restoration, these pressure guns blast all moss, lichen, and grime from your tiled roof at a pressure of 3200 PSI. 

Re-bedding, Bedding and Pointing

On Melbourne’s roofs, cracked and damaged bedding cement is unfortunately frequent. Brennan Roofing removes the old and ugly cracked bedding and replaces all broken and chipped tiles. For the best tile roof restoration, we always lay fresh bedding and get those ridges nice and straight for a complete roof makeover results.

Roof repointing is a quick yet effective roof repair that can improve the appearance of your house. Our qualified roof restorations expert are all competent enough to finish the job.

Roof Valley Replacement Cost

Valleys, also known as roof gutters, are the sloped areas of your roof that run down the angles to your external gutters. These are also important element of your roof structure that requires attention and roof cleaning. Valleys are frequently corroded, and as they age, they might jeopardize your roof’s waterproofing. To ensure that your roof is protected and structurally sound, we replace the old rusted valley irons with new Zincalume valleys and storm seal strips.

Roof Painting

Brennan Roofing meticulously prepares tiles to ensure that the encapsulating membrane adheres properly. We are a certified contractor who only uses high-quality paints and primers. Our painting procedure done by our expert roof painters involves sealing and priming, followed by two coats of membrane, resulting in a three-time thicker end product than other roof paints.

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roof restoration melbourne tiled roof, before and after

So Why Brennans For A Roof Restoration?

We clean up after us and leave your home spotless.
We address the underlying issues and ensure that your roof is future-proof and structurally sound.
We take pleasure in our communication and customer service, ensuring that you get precisely what you want and more.
We are roofing expert who understand how critical it is to safeguard your most valuable assets: your family and your house.
We complete roof repairs and restoration on schedule, on budget, and without a hitch.
Identifying loose or broken tiles & gutters, moss, lichen, and water damage, damaged flashing, valley & ridges, pointing/bedding, and broken/damaged tiles to repair are all part of our roof inspection.
We don’t do short fixes or patch jobs. We only do excellent and professional roof service that you can trust.
No one compares to our knowledge, honesty, and experience. 
We’ve devised a one-of-a-kind method for ensuring that your entire roof restoration is suited to withstand Melbourne’s harsh weather conditions for years to come.As roof restorations expert, we take pride in your roof.
We don’t use sub-contractors, we do the work ourselves, so we can stand by the end product. 

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